New and improved retirement program

In November 2018, SuperFriend launched our redeveloped Retiring Well Program. The revitalised seminar, booklet and online content were updated to respond to member needs as well as incorporating the latest research and practical resources to help our Partners’ members retire well.

The program introduces members to the key resources, skills and knowledge they need for a holistic approach to designing their retirement. Our Partners often offer the seminar to their members alongside financial planning for retirement seminars.

What has the response been like from participants?

  • “The printed material and seminar content were well thought out, well presented, and an excellent service to people approaching or transitioning into retirement. Thanks!” – Member
  • “Found the seminar very useful because as much as I ponder the ‘magic’ dollar number for retirement, I also wonder about the factors that will help me find the sweet spot for retirement happiness. The seminar gave me a number of tips and resources for assisting that.”
  • “The seminar was really informative and helpful. Thanks for my fund’s support, even beyond the financial. That is truly ‘over and above’. Appreciate it, thanks!” – Member