Brand new solutions for workplaces

Thriving Workplaces Kickstarter (online program)

In July SuperFriend launched our Thriving Workplaces Kickstarter program, designed to support organisations in the process of building and sustaining a mentally healthy, thriving workplace. The program begins with a mini assessment of how an organisation is performing across the five essential domains of a thriving workplace: leadership, connectedness, policy, capability and culture.

Responses to the ten-question survey provides participants with a dashboard report of a high-level indication of their workplace’s current status, as well as identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Following the online assessment, participants receive a five-part online toolkit, delivered digitally once a fortnight over eight weeks, containing the latest evidence-informed information, tips and actions for embedding positive change in their workplace.

Thriving Workplaces Kickstarter is the result of working closely with Partners and employers through a human-centred design process to evolve our popular Wellbeing Works program. Through this process, employers told us they wanted a tool for quickly assessing their workplace’s current mental health and wellbeing status, and to be equipped with information and guidance for targeted actions to help their workplace thrive.

Building Thriving Workplaces (resource)

This is the latest version of our most popular and widely-used resource, Promoting Positive Mental Health in the Workplace: Guidelines for Organisations, and incorporates feedback from hundreds of users of the earlier edition.

Building Thriving Workplaces: Guidelines and Actions, features many more practical and evidence-informed strategies to help your workers thrive.

It contains the latest workplace mental health findings and advice, and simple actions and ideas to apply. This resource provides practical information on five evidence-based characteristics known as ‘domains’– Leadership, Connectedness, Policy, Capability, and Culture – which are essential for creating positive and thriving workplaces. The guidelines also equip readers with evidence and a business case for building thriving workplaces.

Looking After You (booklet)

Our latest resource to support individual self-care is the Looking After You booklet featuring a work/life balance quiz, tips for staying in balance and taking healthy breaks and exercises for stress reduction. It also takes readers through the creation of an individual self-care plan and includes referral support numbers.

This is an excellent resource for employers to supply to employees or host on their intranets to promote mentally healthy lifestyles. Since its development in late 2018 SuperFriend has distributed large numbers of the booklet to Partners and associated employers, and it was distributed to delegates attending December’s Women in Super Christmas event.