A nation-wide initiative for all workplaces

SuperFriend is proud of our continued membership in the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance (MHWA) which is striving to support Australian employers to create mentally healthy workplaces to strengthen our community and economy.

For more than two years, the MHWA has been reviewing existing research and evidence and holding targeted consultations with businesses, governments, unions, subject matter experts and practitioners operating in workplace mental health.

The result of efforts to date is the National Workplace Initiative (NWI), which was allocated $11.5 million over four years in the April Federal Budget. Similar initiatives have already been rolled out in other countries seen as leaders in workplace mental health. The national NWI will be co-designed with all stakeholders and will support employers of all sizes – from sole traders to multinationals.

Key components of the NWI are likely to include:

  • Useful national workplace mental health resources that detail effective solutions and outline a clear, step-by-step, process for action (drawn from existing resources)
  • Simple, practical implementation guidelines to help workplaces convert their mental health strategies into action.

The MHWA will work with all stakeholders to develop these and to determine the most appropriate implementation assistance required.

This government funding is just the start of this exciting initiative, and there is a long way to go to turn the idea into action. The MHWA is committed to working with people with lived experience, business, unions, mental health organisations and practitioners, governments and regulators to ensure this first-of-its-kind initiative meets the needs of all. The MHWA is particularly conscious of the need to work with governments throughout Australia to leverage and complement their good work as it progresses.

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