Keeping mental health on the industry agenda

Group Insurance Summit

One of the most prominent events on Australia’s insurance calendar, the Group Insurance Summit, in 2018 featured a major SuperFriend thought leadership video series to drive discussion and action  towards a greater commitment to the mental health of the industry’s employees and customers.

Delivered by a group of highly respected insurance CEOs and executives, the series was particularly poignant as the Royal Commission into Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services unfolded. The leaders spoke about how they protect the mental health of those around them as well as themselves, why positive wellbeing in the workplace is so important, and why now is the best time to build a culture of care in our organisations.

See Part 1 to the right and Part 2 here.

Conference of the Major Super Funds (CMSF)

SuperFriend CEO Margo Lydon presented at the Conference of Major Super Funds event alongside National Mental Health Commission Chair and Commissioner, Lucy Brogden. Their presentation, ‘How do we solve the $62b mental health crisis,’ touched on workplace mental health statistics including from SuperFriend’s research.

They also took the opportunity to launch SuperFriend’s Financial and Insurance services profile report and continued the Industry Leader campaign by showing our ‘Are you taking the mental health of your workplace as seriously as your leaders?’ video featuring prominent, respected super and insurance leaders.

Women in Super

SuperFriend supported Women in Super throughout their National Roadshow, with the theme of ‘Mental Health in the Workplace: what can you do to make a difference?’ Lucy Brogden, Chair and Commissioner of the National Mental Health Commission, presented in every state and territory during August and September.

SuperFriend contributed to Lucy’s presentation by briefing her on the work of our Partners  and SuperFriend’s role and contribution to the insurance and superannuation industries.

SuperFriend also produced a self-care guide for WISs popular Christmas function to support the mental health of guests. The guide, Looking after You, is now one of SuperFriend’s most popular resources for individuals.

International requests from Partners

AIA Group Limited approached CEO Margo Lydon to present at its Singapore-based AIA Group Office Summit to 480 delegates in June 2018. Margo joined fellow experts on a panel discussing ‘Healthier, longer, better life’.

International Women’s Day

SuperFriend’s International Women’s Day campaign launched our national research into the workplace mental health between genders which uncovered shocking statistics such as 2 in 3 women under 25 having experienced a mental illness.

In response, we asked respected female leaders with highly successful yet high-pressure careers for their best advice for women entering the workforce.